Meeting the security challenges of the future will require a sustained effort over the long-term by a multidisciplinary cadre of nuclear experts who are equipped with critical knowledge and skills. The Project on Nuclear Issues (PONI) runs two signature programs – the Nuclear Scholars Initiative and the Annual Conference Series – to engage emerging nuclear experts in thoughtful and informed debate over how to best address the nuclear community’s most pressing problems. The papers included in this volume comprise research from participants in the 2020 Nuclear Scholars Initiative and the PONI Conference Series. These papers explore such topics as the impacts of emerging technologies and capabilities, deep-diving on nuclear strategy and national policies, proposing paths forward for addressing proliferation challenges, and enhancing arms control in contentious environments.

Table of Contents:

Alex Bednarek | Military Micro Nuclear Reactors: Proliferation Problem Or Energy Solution?

Brian M. Benedicks | Alternatives to Highly Enriched Uranium in Naval Nuclear Reactors

John H. Fernandez | Deterring China: Creating A Framework for Advanced Military Cooperation in the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue

B.M. Gautam | Cooperation in the Final Frontier: Reconciling Outer Space Treaties and Export Control Systems

Matty S. Golub | Who’s to Say? Technical Dimensions of Nuclear Disinformation

Eric Gomez | U.S. Conventional Intermediate-Range Missiles in East Asia: Can They Deter without Being Destabilizing?

Garrett Hinck | Strategic Arms Control, Presidents, and Politics: Why Mirvs Fell Off the Agenda

Phoebe M. Kotlikof | The Future of Nuclear Energy in the United States

Amelia Morgan |Millennials and Nuclear Weapons: Concerned or Complacent?

Ruby Russell | No First Nukes: Replacing the U.S. Nuclear First Strike Mission with Non-Nuclear Hypersonic Weapons

Stephan A. Varga| The Testing Moratorium: Is the United States Falling Behind?

Anna Wagner | Public Opinion on Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control in Russia

Paul Warnke | The Erosion of Advice and Consent: Congress’s Diminishing Role in Arms Control

Zach Ziegler | Assure to Deter: Planning U.S. Bomber Deployments For Extended Deterrence in the Second Nuclear Age

PONI would like to express gratitude to our partners for their continued support, especially the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Department of Defense, and the National Nuclear Security Administration.