View the PONI Panel and Poster Presentation at STRATCOM Deterrence Symposium:

Moderator: Rebecca Hersman, Director, Project on Nuclear Issues

Presentations and presenters:

  • Space Policy and Deterrence by Julia Ciocca, Research Fellow at Perry World House, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Hypersonic Weapons: Tactical Uses and Strategic Goals by LCDR Alan Cummings, U.S. Navy Reserves.
  • Techniques for Localizing Radioactive Sources in Urban Environments by Andrew Hollis, PhD Candidate, North Carolina State University.
  • Under the Nuclear Shadow: Situational Awareness Technology and Crisis Decisionmaking by Reja Younis, Project Manager and Research Associate, Project on Nuclear Issues, CSIS.
  • Rare Earth Elements: China’s Monopoly and the Supply Chain Threat to U.S. Strategic Systems by Rosemarie Frost, Policy Analyst Associate, SAIC

You can view the full Deterrence Symposium here: