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Sarah Minot Asrar is the associate director for the Project on Nuclear Issues at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). She is responsible for leading PONI’s programs and initiatives to develop the next generation of nuclear experts. She manages the Nuclear Scholars Initiative and serves as the lead editor for PONI’s annual journal. Her research focuses on crisis response and management, the intersection of global health and security in areas of conflict and crisis, and international institutions and norms. Prior to joining CSIS, she held positions at the Council on Foreign Relations with the Center for Preventive Action, Alliance for Peacebuilding, and Georgetown University as a research assistant. She holds an M.A. in conflict resolution from Georgetown University, and a B.A. in political science and international relations from the College of Wooster.
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Challenges in Nuclear Verification

Please join the Project on Nuclear Issues on April 5 for a keynote address and discussion with Yukiya Amano, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency on nuclear safeguards, the work the IAEA performs and the current challenges that faces.

reportNext Gen Perspectives

On the Horizon: A Collection of the Papers from the Next Generation

The papers included in this volume comprise research from participants in the 2018 Nuclear Scholars Initiative and the PONI Conference Series. These papers explore such topics as the impacts of emerging technologies and capabilities, deep-diving on nuclear strategy and national policies, proposing paths forward for addressing proliferation challenges, and enhancing arms control in contentious environments.