Explore PONI’s current and past projects.

NEXT Negotiation Exercise Tabletop

NEXT is an online platform that enables the simulation of multi-party negotiations on arms control and risk reduction measures across a range of security challenges associated with nuclear weapons and other disruptive technologies.

Deterrence 101

Deterrence 101 is a collection of three thirty-minute long videos that explore core deterrence theory. Each video describes basic deterrence concepts, roots these ideas in a historical timeline, and features interviews with leading nuclear policy experts.

On the Nuclear Brink: An Escalation Management Exercise

On the Nuclear Brink is a set of escalation management exercises tasking participants to provide policy guidance to the President as a nuclear crisis unfolds. The original On the Nuclear Brink exercise centers around an emerging crisis set in 2024 that begins in Lithuania and evolves to a broader U.S.—Russia confrontation. The second On the Nuclear Brink scenario takes place in 2028 as a close-approach incident between the Chinese and Taiwanese navies in the Taiwan Strait sets off a string of political and military maneuvers that raise concerns of cross-Strait conflict. If interested in gaining access to On the Nuclear Brink, please contact the Project on Nuclear Issues at CSIS (

Nuclear Narrative

This study aims to create a dialogue with the nation’s nuclear personnel about the rationales for the U.S. nuclear arsenal that already exist—some of which have been stated at the highest levels of leadership—to ask what the nuclear forces actually hear, what works and what does not, and what motivates them on a daily basis.

On the Radar

On the Radar provides analysis on emerging technologies that are expected to reshape situational awareness across the spectrum of conflict, and examines the implications of these technologies for nuclear strategic stability. It is a product of a two-year research collaboration between the Project on Nuclear Issues (PONI) at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and the Nuclear Policy Working Group (NPWG) at the University California Berkeley, funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

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