Minsu Crowder-Han

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Minsu Crowder-Han is a recent graduate of Georgetown University’s Security Studies Program, where she completed her second Master’s degree, focusing primarily on terrorism, terrorist ideologies, recruitment and radicalization, and Iranian security issues. While at Georgetown, she worked as a research assistant and wrote her thesis on Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism. Prior to attending Georgetown University, Minsu worked in the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Division of Nuclear Security, where her work focused on the development of metrics for the analysis and assessment of nuclear security, the illicit trafficking of nuclear and other radioactive material, and nuclear forensics. Minsu also holds a Master’s degree from King’s College London’s War Studies department, where she studied nuclear security and nonproliferation. She wrote her first Master’s thesis on the proliferation sensitivity of pyroprocessing.

Authored by Minsu Crowder-Han


Waiting for Washington: U.S. clarity and guidance are vital to the JCPOA

While it is often difficult to parse reasonable criticisms from Iran’s standard litany of anti-U.S. rhetoric, complaints that the United States is not upholding its end of the deal are not entirely unfounded. It has long been understood that the bulk of the new trade and investment that Iran could expect under the JCPOA would not come from the United States, given the extensive web of U.S. sanctions that would remain in place, but from Europe, Russia, and China.