Iku Tsujihiro

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Iku Tsujihiro is an MA candidate in the Security Studies Program (SSP) at the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University. She graduates from her program in May 2024. At SSP, she focuses on the U.S.-Japan economic and energy security alliance, U.S. military operations in the Indo-Pacific, and nuclear deterrence in Northeast Asia. Currently, she is a research intern for Hudson Institute’s Japan Chair Policy Center, reporting directly to Ken Weinstein and Masashi Murano. Her interest in the U.S.-Japanese bilateral security cooperation stems from her growing up in Tokyo and moving to the United States to study on her own at the age of twelve. She graduated from Brandeis University in May 2022 with double majors in Philosophy and Politics.

Authored by Iku Tsujihiro


Exploring Tactical Nuclear Possibilities in Japan

Japanese Doubts Over the Credibility of the Current Extended Deterrence Select Japanese politicians have discussed the need for NATO-style nuclear sharing in Japan as early as 2016. This became a more well-known conversation when ex-Prime Minister Abe publicly reintroduced the topic after Russia invaded Ukraine. PM Abe commented “Japan is a signatory to the Nuclear…