PONI and the CSIS Smart Women, Smart Power Initiative teamed up to produce five podcasts featuring mid-career and expert women at the forefront of the nuclear field.

Listen to the podcasts on the CSIS website.

Episode 1 – The Cyber-Nuclear Connection: On the first episode of the PONI Pathbreakers series, host Beverly Kirk spoke with Erin Dumbacher, senior program officer for the Scientific and Technical Affairs program at the Nuclear Threat Initiative, and Suzanne Spaulding, senior adviser for homeland security and director of the Defending Democratic Institutions project at CSIS. They discussed cyber deterrence and nuclear security, and their career experiences in a rapidly changing field.

Episode 2 – The Role of Congress in Nuclear Policy: On the second episode of the PONI Pathbreakers series, host Beverly Kirk talked about the role of Congress in nuclear policy with Madelyn Creedon and Augusta Binns-Berkey. They also discussed their careers and how nuclear policy fits into broader domestic issues. Madelyn is a part-time research professor of International Affairs and Chair of the Nuclear Security Working Group at George Washington University and a non-resident senior fellow at Brookings. Augusta is currently a professional staff member on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Episode 3 – Breaking the Nuclear Glass Ceiling: On the third episode of the PONI Pathbreakers series, former Sandia National Laboratories Director Jill Hruby and Dr. Mareena Robinson Snowden, Senior Engineer in the National Security Analysis Department at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab talk about being pioneers in their careers, nuclear proliferation, and great power competition.

Episode 4 – All Things Arms Control: On the fourth episode of the PONI Pathbreakers series, host Beverly Kirk talks with Rose Gottemoeller, the former deputy Secretary General of NATO and Heather Williams, a lecturer in the Defence Studies Department and Centre for Science and Security Studies at Kings College London, about the future of arms control treaties and the impact current events have had on the relationship between the United States and its allies.

Episode 5 – The Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime: On the final episode of the PONI Pathbreakers series, host Beverly Kirk talks with Ambassador Susan Burk, former Special Representative for Nuclear Nonproliferation, and Dr. Rebecca Davis Gibbons, assistant professor of political science at the University of Southern Maine and associate at the Project on Managing the Atom at Harvard’s Belfer Center. They discuss the future of the Treaty on Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons and their trailblazing careers in the nuclear community.