Nuclear Policy News – September 27, 2019

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Iran commits new breach of fraying nuclear deal, expands enrichment – IAEA

Defense of Japan 2019: White Paper
Japan Ministry of Defense

Satellite images suggest North Korea working to hide launch of missile submarine

United States

Push for nuclear power in space sets off proliferation debate
NASA could place human missions to the moon or Mars in political jeopardy if it opts to use highly-enriched uranium as a power source in space, warns a leading specialist on nuclear proliferation.

How a $5 part used to modernize nuclear warheads could cost $850 million to fix
Defense News9/26/19
Issues with commercial parts on two nuclear warhead modernization projects could cost up to $850 million to fix.

Middle East

Iran commits new breach of fraying nuclear deal, expands enrichment – IAEA
Iran has committed another breach of its nuclear deal with major powers by enriching uranium with advanced centrifuges, a report by the U.N. nuclear watchdog policing that deal said on Thursday, further fraying the landmark accord.

Pompeo declares ‘productive week’ on Iran as Rouhani dismisses US-Iran talks
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States had “a productive week” of discussion with allies on Iran and suggested the US remained open to negotiations with the nation, despite Iranian President Hassan Rouhani hours earlier squashing any prospects of a meeting with his US counterpart.

Iran cannot be allowed to develop nuclear weapons: Israeli Foreign Minister
United Nations News9/26/19
The international community must join together to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, the Foreign Minister of Israel told the UN General Assembly on Thursday evening.

East Asia

Defense of Japan 2019: White Paper
Japan Ministry of Defense9/26/19
“The security environment surrounding Japan is changing at extremely high speeds. Changes in the balance of power in the international arena are accelerating and becoming more complex, and uncertainty over the existing order is increasing.”

Exclusive: As North Korea expands arsenal, Japan’s missile defense shield faces unforeseen costs – sources
Additional tests may add at least $500 million to Japan’s price tag for two U.S.-built ballistic missile interceptor stations that could struggle to shoot down the latest North Korean missile types, four government and defense sources said.

North Korea urges Trump to make a ‘bold decision’ and produce a breakthrough in nuclear diplomacy
North Korea said Friday it wants President Donald Trump to make a “wise option and bold decision” to produce a breakthrough in stalled nuclear diplomacy, in an escalation of pressure on the U.S. ahead of an expected resumption of talks.

No U.S.-North Korea talks possible by end September: Pompeo
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday the United States has not been able to arrange working-level meetings with North Korea in September, but Washington is ready to meet and believes it is important to do so.

Satellite images suggest North Korea working to hide launch of missile submarine
North Korea may be close to launching a submarine capable of firing missiles and is making efforts to conceal its preparations, new commercial satellite images obtained by CNN appear to show.


NATO rejects Russian offer on nuclear missiles freeze
Financial Times9/26/19
The military alliance on Thursday dismissed the Kremlin offer as not credible, since it would leave in place batteries of such weapons that western states say have already been deployed in western Russia and are able to target many European capitals.

South Asia

Pakistan says India created ‘very dangerous situation’ in Kashmir, wants U.S. to help and warns of war
Pakistan’s top diplomat said his country was seeking international mediation in avoiding another conflict with India after its controversial power play in contested Kashmir.

Multilateral Arms Control

UN’s Guterres warns of nuclear ‘annihilation’ at disarmament meet
Al Jazeera9/27/19
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that the effort to get rid of nuclear weapons around the world is “going in reverse”.

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