Nuclear Policy News – November 13, 2019

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Department of Energy not studying nuclear-armed hypersonic weapons
National Defense Magazine

Don’t let the New START treaty lapse
New York Times

Nuclear warheads? This robot can find them
Princeton University

United States

Department of Energy not studying nuclear-armed hypersonic weapons
National Defense Magazine11/7/19
Although hypersonic missiles are a top modernization priority for the Pentagon, there are no efforts underway to arm such weapons with nuclear warheads, according to a Department of Energy leader.

Is the U.S. about to test a new ballistic missile?
Defense News11/13/19
The U.S. may be set to test a new ground-launched ballistic missile in the coming weeks, the first test of that particular weapon since the country withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty earlier this year.


Danger – U.S. B-52 Bombers Are Flying Near Russian Submarine Bases
National Interest11/13/19
Earlier this month, three U.S. Air Force B-52 bombers, flying out of the RAF Fairford airbase in Britain, flew over the Barents Sea near the Arctic Circle. The B-52s, part of the 2nd Bomb Wing based at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, are part of a 2nd Bomb Wing rotation to Britain for exercises with European allies.

East Asia

Prospects for U.S.-North Korean talks this year remain uncertain
Daily NK11/12/19
Kwon Jong Gun, a roving ambassador for North Korean’s Foreign Ministry, said on Wednesday that North Korea’s patience for restarting US-North Korean talks is “nearing its limitations.”

Middle East

‘YOU? Really?’: Iran’s Zarif scorns EU warning over nuclear deal
Europeans have failed to fulfill their own commitments to Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted on Tuesday, in response to a warning by the EU that urged Tehran to stick to the pact or face consequences.


Don’t let the New START treaty lapse
New York TimesRose Gottemoeller
In a little more than a year, the last nuclear arms limitation pact with Russia expires. Losing its guarantees would be a heavy blow to American security.

Nuclear warheads? This robot can find them
Princeton UniversityJane Greenwald and Jeanne Jackson DeVoe
New rolling robots recently demonstrated the ability to identify the source of nuclear radiation and whether it has been shielded to avoid detection.

How Russia could force a nuclear war in the Baltics
BloombergHal Brands
The Pentagon emphasizes the importance of devising new limited nuclear options as a way of strengthening deterrence and dissuading Russia from pursuing a strategy of escalate to de-escalate.

Iran and Europe play nuclear chicken
Atlantic CouncilBarbara Slavin
Neither Europe nor Iran wants to see the destruction of the JCPOA, which represented for each the culmination of twelve years of hard diplomatic work, initially without US participation.

North Korea goes permanently nuclear — does it matter?
Japan TimesDenny Roy
The world is not forcing Kim to denuclearize, but neither is Kim getting much leverage out of his new capability.

In new North Korea talks, ‘achievable’ is the watchword
The HillBonnie Kristian
U.S. goals must be modest, since Kim will not give up his nuclear arsenal easily and his primary aim in all this is to retain power and provide himself some insurance against forcible regime.

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