Nuclear Policy News – June 22, 2021

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Top News:

Russia is building a new mini nuclear submarine

OPINION: Biden should end the launch-on-warning option
Bulletin of the Academic Scientists – Frank N. von Hippel

North Korea to Washington: timetable on talks is up to us, not you
The New York Times


United States

OPINION: Biden should end the launch-on-warning option
Bulletin of the Academic Scientists – Frank N. von Hippel6/22/2021
President Biden has indicated he does not support first use of US nuclear weapons. He should end the launch-on-warning option and the danger it entails of an unintended nuclear Armageddon. He could order Strategic Command to plan the U.S. nuclear posture on the assumption that he will not launch on warning.

OPINION: Why can’t world leaders agree that a nuclear war should never be fought?
The Guardian – Jane Kinninmont6/21/2021
Biden and Putin must persuade other nuclear states that such a conflict ‘should never be fought.’

ANALYSIS: Nuclear escalation strategies and perceptions: the United States, the Russian Federation, and China
UNIDIR – Wilfred Wan
This study is the first in a series that profiles different “friction points” among nuclear-armed and nuclear-allied States, examining issues of contention in their relations that can spark potential conflict and nuclear escalation. This study is intended to feed into the dialogue on taking forward risk reduction – and on the development of practical and feasible baskets of measures that can close pathways to use of nuclear weapons.

East Asia

North Korea to Washington: timetable on talks is up to us, not you
The New York Times – Choe Sang-Hun
North Korea said on Tuesday that the United States would face a great “disappointment” if it expected a quick resumption of talks about its nuclear weapons program, offering a blow to a Biden administration envoy who had proposed a new round of negotiations.

Kim Jong-un’s sister dismisses hopes of U.S.-North Korea nuclear talks
The Guardian – Justin McCurry
Kim Jong-un’s influential sister appears to have dismissed hopes for a breakthrough on nuclear talks with the U.S., warning Washington that it faced “disappointment” if it believed engagement with North Korea was a possibility.

China’s fourth aircraft carrier on cards, this time it’s likely be nuclear-powered
Times Now – Srinjoy Chowdhury
China’s naval buildup, already worrying, continues, and on the cards is a fourth aircraft-carrier, this time nuclear-powered.

OPINION: The U.S. must engage with China — even when countering China
The Hill – Gregory Shaffer
Even when the United States aims to counter China, engagement remains essential. The U.S. will most effectively counter Chinese actions in the South China Sea, the Taiwan Strait, along the border with India, and against allies’ economies, if the U.S. works closely with others.

Middle East

Iran nuclear deal: President-elect Raisi issues warning over talks
BBC News6/21/2021
Iran’s president-elect has welcomed the negotiations with world powers aimed at reviving a 2015 nuclear deal but said they must guarantee national interests.

Saudi minister discussed Iran’s nuclear program with IAEA chief -ministry
Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister discussed with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief “the importance of imposing the necessary mechanisms for a rapid and comprehensive inspection of all Iranian nuclear sites,” the foreign ministry wrote in a tweet on Monday.

Russia and Europe

Russia is building a new mini nuclear submarine
Russia’s Malachite Design Bureau is developing a new mini nuclear submarine named Gorgon.

South Asia

No need for nuclear arsenal once Kashmir issue is resolved: Pakistan PM
Business Standard6/22/2021
Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is “simply a deterrent” to protect the country and there will no longer be any need for it once the Kashmir issue is resolved, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said as he asserted that if the Americans have the resolve and the will, the issue can be sorted out.


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