Nuclear Policy News – June 17, 2018

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A Real Nuclear Triumph for Trump: Extend New START
Breaking Defense

Inside America’s Aging Nuclear Missile Submarines
Breaking Defense

What the stolen Iranian nuclear secrets do, and don’t, reveal
The Hill


US nuclear materials stolen last year are still missing
BBC News7/16/18
A new report claims that nuclear materials stolen from US Department of Energy (DOE) employees last year in Texas are still missing.

U.S. Nuclear Policy

A Real Nuclear Triumph for Trump: Extend New START
Breaking Defense7/14/18
A possible US-Russian compromise that should be welcomed and encouraged: the extension of the landmark New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or New START.


Russia prepared to extend nuclear treaty, Putin says
Russian President Vladimir Putin told Fox News on Monday that his country is prepared to extend the New START nuclear treaty that expires in 2021. His comments followed a summit with U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday in Helsinki.

How Russia, China Use Nuclear Reactors To Win Global Influence
Defense One7/13/18
Russia and China are using nuclear power projects to build spheres of energy dependence, and the United States is unprepared to respond.


2 Russian Nuclear-Capable Bombers Enter South Korea’s Air Defense Identification Zone
The Diplomat7/17/18
South Korea and Japan had to scramble fighter jets to intercept two nuclear-capable Tupolev Tu-95MS strategic bombers and Sukhoi Su-35S (Flanker-E+) multirole fighter jets of the Russian Air Force approaching their respective air spaces on July 13.

After the Trump-Kim summit: Where does Japan go from here?
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists7/12/18
Japan’s pacifist constitution is derived directly from such wartime experience, which led Japan to uphold an exclusively defense-oriented security policy while heavily relying on protection by the United States. That does not leave Japan with many options in handling the situation with North Korea.


Inside America’s Aging Nuclear Missile Submarines
Breaking DefenseSydney J. Freedberg Jr.
America’s nuclear deterrent is aging, with a half-dozen replacement programs on the horizon. But the young men and women who serve, Gen. John Hyten said, are better than ever: “They love this country. They want to defend this country. They go to work every day. They’re amazing — they’re smarter than we were, by far. They get motivated differently so you have to lead them differently, but their passion is just the same.”

A nuclear guide to the Helsinki summit
The Washington TimesMichaela Dodge
Here’s are some key questions that may help you decide whether the meeting was a hit or a miss on nukes and missile defense.

What the stolen Iranian nuclear secrets do, and don’t, reveal
The HillSimon Henderson
At least of the nation’s largest newspapers — the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post — carried front-page stories Monday detailing what Israeli officials showed and told their reporters last week about the hoard of Iran’s nuclear secrets that Israel stole from a Tehran warehouse in January.

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