Nuclear Policy News – July 21, 2020

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Top News:

Explosion hits another power plant in Iran
CBS News

ANALYSIS: Indian nuclear forces, 2020
Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

PODCAST: Distortions in the fabric of deterrence
War on the Rocks

United States

ANALYSIS: The age of strategic instability
Foreign AffairsElizabeth Sherwood-Randall
For decades, American policymakers and military planners have focused on preserving what is known in the nuclear lexicon as “strategic stability.”

OPINION: Trump’s new foreign investment agency: Itching to build on nuclear quicksand
Bulletin of Atomic ScientistsVictor Gilinsky, Henry Sokolski
In 2018 a Republican Congress, with strong Democratic support, created the US International Development Finance Corporation to “provide the developing world with financially sound alternatives to unsustainable and irresponsible state-directed initiatives.”

OPINION: Trump’s ‘super duper missile’ is actually super duper real
Popular MechanicsKyle Mizokami
The “Super Duper Missile” is the Joint Common Hypersonic Glide Body (C-HGB), a hypersonic weapon system that first flew back in March.

PODCAST: Distortions in the fabric of deterrence
War on the RocksRebecca Hersman, Doyl Hodges
In this episode of Horns of a Dilemma, Doyle Hodges, executive editor of the Texas National Security Review, sits down with Rebecca Hersman, director of the Project on Nuclear Issues at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, to discuss her article, “Wormhole Escalation in the New Nuclear Age”.

East Asia

Kim Jong Un leads meeting on ‘war deterrent’ and ‘intensifying’ party education
NK News7/18/20
The DPRK discussed how to address issues in the “political and ideological life” of party officials, the KCNA reported

Middle East

Explosion hits another power plant in Iran
CBS News7/20/20
An explosion hit a power plant in the central Iranian province of Isfahan on Sunday, state news agency IRNA reported, saying it was over faulty equipment and caused no casualties.

Russia and Europe

It’s do or die for Germany’s new missile defense weapon
Defense News7/17/20
The German government continued another round of talks with vendors Lockheed Martin and MBDA this week about a contract for the TLVS missile defense system.

Two Russian latest nuclear-powered subs to carry hypersonic weapons
Three leading Russian shipyards simultaneously laid down six new ocean-going ships on Monday.

OPINION: A pivotal moment in US-Russian arms control
Union of Concerned ScientistsDaniel puentes, Chelsie Boodoo
Nuclear weapons have plagued the international security environment since the first atomic weapon was successfully detonated at the Trinity test site in July 1945.

South Asia

ANALYSIS: Indian nuclear forces, 2020
Bulletin of Atomic ScientistsHans Kristensen, Matt Korda
India continues to modernize its nuclear arsenal, with at least three new weapon systems now under development to complement or replace existing nuclear-capable aircraft, land-based delivery systems, and sea-based systems.

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