Nuclear Policy News – July 10, 2018

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Trump Confident North Korea Will ‘Honor the Contract’ to Denuclearize
Wall Street Journal

Saudi Arabia wants to be a nuclear power and Israel has demands, report says

Management shift begins at US nuclear weapons lab
ABC News

Hawaii’s nuclear scare takes a theatrical turn aimed at healing the fears of that day
Los Angeles Times


President Trump demands North Korea’s Kim Jong Un live up to denuclearization agreement
USA Today7/9/18
Following the rebuff of his secretary of State in Pyongyang, President Donald Trump sent a semi-threatening message to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Monday to live up to their denuclearization agreement.

Trump Confident North Korea Will ‘Honor the Contract’ to Denuclearize
Wall Street Journal7/9/18
U.S. president last month signed agreement with Kim that said North Korea would denuclearize but offered no specifics on how or when

Pompeo says North Korea denuclearization “decades long” challenge
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said getting North Korea to dismantle its nuclear and missile programs will be a “decades long challenge,” as President Donald Trump said Monday he remains confident Kim Jong Un will follow through on his pledges to do so.

Conservative columnist: Kim ‘really fleeced’ Trump in nuke talks
The Hill7/9/18
Conservative columnist Max Boot said Monday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has “fleeced” President Trump in the nuclear talks.

The Trump-Kim Summit Was a Month Ago. Little Has Changed So Far.
After high-level diplomatic talks with North Korea took a contentious turn over the weekend, the Trump Administration remained optimistic that the isolated nation will disarm its growing nuclear arsenal.

Schumer: ‘Yawning gap’ between Trump’s North Korea denuclearization claims — and reality
Defense News7/9/18
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., on Monday criticized President Trump’s claims North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat amid reports Pyongyang is upgrading its nuclear facilities.

Lindsey Graham blames China for North Korea’s nuclear pullback
Sen. Lindsey Graham said on “Fox News Sunday” that he sees “China’s hands all over” North Korea’s latest statement calling the U.S. push for complete denuclearization “regrettable.”

Trump accuses China of interfering in US-North Korea nuclear deal
President Donald Trump has accused China of exerting “negative pressure” on a possible US-North Korea nuclear deal, in the wake of tense talks with North Korean officials last week.


Saudi Arabia wants to be a nuclear power and Israel has demands, report says
As Saudi Arabia and the United States continue negotiations to build reactors in the kingdom, Israel has given Washington “red lines” surrounding the deal, according to a new report.


Management shift begins at US nuclear weapons lab
ABC News7/9/18
The U.S. government on Monday cleared the way for a new management team to begin taking over one of the nation’s top nuclear weapons laboratories as it looks to rebuild its reputation.


The Trump-Putin Summit’s Potential Nuclear Fallout
Foreign PolicyJon Wolfsthal
When the U.S. and Russian presidents meet in Helsinki, the biggest risk won’t be on everyone’s radar.

When Trump Realizes Kim Isn’t Giving Up His Nukes It Won’t Be Pretty
Daily BeastAnkit Panda
Donald Trump hadn’t said much about North Korea since returning from his trip to Singapore in early June and declaring that the threat posed by the country’s nuclear-armed missiles had vanished. That all changed on Monday morning—with potentially deadly consequences.

The Moment of Truth Is Coming on North Korea
The AtlanticUri Friedman
One eight-word assumption underlies American and South Korean negotiations with Kim Jong Un: “North Korea will give up its nuclear weapons.”

Lessons from the Unhappy History of Verification in North Korea
38NorthLeon V. Sigal
Verification of North Korea’s denuclearization now preoccupies negotiators.

The Singapore Honeymoon Is Over
Foreign PolicyDaniel Russel
It was never going to be easy for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to turn President Donald Trump’s sweeping declaration of progress with North Korea into reality. Even with the aid of Ambassador Sung Kim, an outstanding U.S. diplomat with immense North Korea experience, Pompeo arrived in Pyongyang with several huge handicaps.

Arms Control WonkMichael Krepon
“Deterrence stability” has been the holy grail of nuclear arms control — the mechanism by which arms racing can be contained and stability in crises maintained.

How Trump Could Actually Make the Summit with Putin a Success
TIMEEvelyn Farkas
Despite the best interests of the United States, our allies and the international order, President Trump will meet with Vladimir Putin on July 16. Given the president’s unwarranted and inexplicable praise for Putin and his approach at the summit with Kim Jong Un, we can expect him to attempt a charm offensive. This may have worked with the North Korean leader—though the jury is still out—but is sure to have little to no positive impact on the Kremlin’s policy and actions on issues of national security interest to the United States.


Hawaii’s nuclear scare takes a theatrical turn aimed at healing the fears of that day
Los Angeles Times7/9/18
Last January residents of Hawaii believed a nuclear missile was headed their way. The warning turned out to be an error, but the fears raised were very real. Now a new theater production called “38 Minutes” in Honolulu tackles the issue that the cast and crew hope will help Hawaiians put the event behind them.

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