Nuclear Policy News – February 25, 2019

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Trump and Kim May Declare End of War at Summit, South Korea Says
New York Times

After Putin’s Warning, Russian TV Lists Nuclear Targets in U.S.

CSIS European Trilateral Track 2 Nuclear Dialogues

East Asia

Trump and Kim May Declare End of War at Summit, South Korea Says
New York Times2/25/2019
South Korean officials on Monday indicated that President Trump and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, could agree on a joint political statement declaring an end to the 1950-53 Korean War when they meet in Hanoi, Vietnam, later this week.

Senate Dems Want to See ‘Tangible, Verifiable Progress on Denuclearization’ From Trump-Kim Summit
The Hill2/24/2019
A group of top Senate Democrats on Sunday wrote to President Trump to urge him that his upcoming summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un should produce tangible progress toward the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Worry About US-South Korea Alliance Grows Before Trump-Kim Summit
Military Times2/24/2019
As President Donald Trump seeks a nuclear deal with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un next week in Vietnam, some in Seoul are wondering if the fate of Washington’s decades-long military alliance with South Korea could be at stake.

CIA Korea Expert Who Spurred Talks Sees Hope in Summit
The Wall Street Journal2/22/2019
The CIA officer who helped orchestrate last year’s diplomatic breakthrough between the U.S. and North Korea said Friday he remains optimistic about progress between the two adversaries, predicting next week’s second summit would be more productive than the first.

Vietnam Summit: What Does Kim Want?
Al Jazeera2/25/2019
In his New Year’s address, Kim was explicit about the need to “revitalise”, “reinforce”, and “re-energise” the national economy and the urgency of “hitting the targets of the five-year strategy for national economic development.”

Middle East

Tehran: Iran Launches Cruise Missile from Sub During Drill
Military Times2/24/2019
Iran launched a cruise missile from a submarine for the first time during an ongoing annual military drill in the Strait of Hormuz, local media reported Sunday.


After Putin’s Warning, Russian TV Lists Nuclear Targets in U.S.
Russian state television has listed U.S. military facilities that Moscow would target in the event of a nuclear strike, and said that a hypersonic missile Russia is developing would be able to hit them in less than five minutes.

Does This Video Show Off Russia’s Deadly 2 Megaton Nuclear Drone?
The National Interest2/25/2019
Poseidon is “successfully undergoing tests,” Putin announced last week. Later that day, the Russian Ministry of Defense released brief promotional footage to drive the point home. The video, entitled “proving grounds testing of the Poseidon system,” shows little of the Poseidon system in action.

Opinion and Analysis

Winning the Nuclear Game Against Putin’s Russia
Bloomberg Opinion – Tobin Harshaw2/23/2019
Tobin Harshaw interviews Vipin Narang on game theory, the INF Treaty, an extension of New START and Putin’s strategic thinking.

Special Interest

CSIS European Trilateral Track 2 Nuclear Dialogues
The European Trilateral Track 2 Nuclear Dialogues, organized by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in partnership with the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) and the Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique (FRS), has convened senior nuclear policy experts from the United Kingdom, France, and the United States (P3) for the past ten years to discuss nuclear deterrence, arms control, and nonproliferation policy issues and to identify areas of consensus among the three countries. This is the 2018 consensus document.

This Is the Scenic Route Kim Jong Un Is Taking To Meet Trump
Kim is making his way by armored train from North Korea’s capital Pyongyang through China to Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, where he will meet US president Donald Trump on Wednesday to discuss ending North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear armament.

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