Nuclear Policy News – February 16, 2018

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No ‘bloody nose’ plan for North Korea: U.S. official, senators

Japan and IAEA ink nuclear counterterrorism pact for 2020 Games
The Japan Times

North Korean threat could require new missile defenses for western U.S.
The Washington Post

US to spend billions on ‘ineffective’ nuclear weapons in Europe that pose ‘terrorism threat’
The Independent


No ‘bloody nose’ plan for North Korea: U.S. official, senators
The senior U.S. diplomat for Asia, Susan Thornton, said on Thursday she understood the Trump administration had no strategy for a so-called bloody nose strike on North Korea, but Pyongyang would be forced to give up its nuclear weapons “one way or another.”

U.S. Denies Plan for ‘Bloody Nose’ Strike on North Korea
The United States doesn’t have a “bloody nose” strategy for North Korea, senators of both parties and a Trump administration official said Thursday, rejecting claims the U.S. wants to strike the North’s nuclear program in a way that avoids an all-out war.

North Korean ship spotted likely violating sanctions a third time
A North Korean tanker has likely violated United Nations sanctions for the third time in recent months, according to authorities in Japan.

IAEA to Cooperate with Japan on Nuclear Security at 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo
IAEA News Centre2/15/18
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Government of Japan signed an agreement today aimed at enhancing nuclear security measures for the summer Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

Japan and IAEA ink nuclear counterterrorism pact for 2020 Games
The Japan Times2/16/18
The government and the International Atomic Energy Agency have signed an agreement to work together to keep the 2020 Olympics safe from nuclear terrorism.


Nuclear deal must be implemented without any change to it, Iran insists
Tehran Times2/14/18
Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said on Wednesday that the 2015 nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), must be implemented without changing a word of it.


Pakistan developing new types of nuclear weapons: US
The Times of India2/14/18
Pakistan is developing new types of nuclear weapons, including short-range tactical ones, that bring more risks to the region, America’s intelligence chief warned on Tuesday.

Pakistan slipping out of US influence, say intelligence agencies
Seventeen US intelligence agencies have warned Congress that Pakistan will continue to slip out of America’s influence and into China’s orbit in 2019, and will become a threat to Washington’s interests in the South Asian region.


General: ‘100 percent confident’ in North Korea missile defense
The Hill2/15/18
The military official in charge of the command that defends the United States from missile threats says she’s “100 percent confident” in her ability to protect the country from a North Korean ballistic missile attack, while also calling for more improvements to U.S. missile defense.

North Korean threat could require new missile defenses for western U.S.
The Washington Post2/14/18
North Korea’s growing missile and nuclear capability may require new U.S. investments in missile defense for the western-most United States, the top U.S. military official for the Pacific said Wednesday.

US to spend billions on ‘ineffective’ nuclear weapons in Europe that pose ‘terrorism threat’
The Independent2/16/18
‘It should be assumed that they are targets for terrorism and theft,’ arms experts warn


Discrimination Details Matter: Clarifying an Argument About Low-Yield Nuclear Warheads
War On The RocksAustin Long
Perhaps the most controversial element of the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review has been the push to deploy a low-yield submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) warhead.

All Eyes on North Korea
Foreign PolicyJenna Mclaughlin
Intelligence agencies are surging resources to focus on the Korean Peninsula.

No, the Olympics will not defuse the North Korea crisis
Los Angeles TimesBruce Klingner
It was an inspiring sight: North and South Korean Olympic teams marching together behind a single unification flag. Could the opening ceremonies augur a new era of inter-Korean reconciliation?

Must We Mean What We Say? Making Sense of the Nuclear Posture Review
War On The RocksFrancis J. Gavin
On May 5, 1962, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara told his fellow NATO defense ministers that the Kennedy administration was dramatically transforming American nuclear strategy.


IAEA Expands International Cooperation on Small, Medium Sized or Modular Nuclear Reactors
IAEA News Centre2/16/18
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is launching an effort to expand international cooperation and coordination in the design, development and deployment of small, medium sized or modular reactors (SMRs), among the most promising emerging technologies in nuclear power.

Nuclear risk at its highest since Cuban missile crisis, says ex-energy secretary
The Guardian2/16/18
Nuclear physicist Ernest Moniz says world has been lucky to avoid accidental weapon launch – and risk is growing

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