Nuclear Policy News – February 11, 2019

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US, North Korean Envoys to Meet Again Before Second Trump-Kim Summit
The Diplomat

With Questions on Syria, Nuclear Treaty, Shanahan Heads to NATO
Military Times

How Scientists Actually Dismantle a Nuclear Bomb
Discover Magazine

East Asia

US, North Korean Envoys to Meet Again Before Second Trump-Kim Summit
The Diplomat2/11//2019
Following a meeting last week, U.S. Special Representative for North Korea Stephen Biegun will meet his North Korean counterpart Kim Hyok Chol, the special representative for U.S. Affairs of North Korea’s State Affairs Commission, before a second U.S.-North Korea summit.

South Korea Signs Deal To Pay More For U.S. Troops After Trump Demand
Officials signed a short-term agreement on Sunday to boost South Korea’s contribution toward the upkeep of U.S. troops on the peninsula, after a previous deal lapsed amid U.S. President Donald Trump’s call for the South to pay more.

Vietnam foreign minister to visit North Korea from February 12 to 14
Vietnam’s foreign minister, Pham Binh Minh, will visit North Korea ahead of this month’s planned summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, a spokeswoman said on Monday.


Russia May Have Violated The INF Treaty. Here’s How The United States Appears To Have Done The Same.
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists2/7/2019
The offensive capabilities of the US missile defense installations in Eastern Europe are key to understanding the US-Russia standoff over the INF.

U.S. Nuclear Policy

With questions on Syria, nuclear treaty, Shanahan heads to NATO
Military Times2/10/2019
Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan heads to NATO this week to reassure allies that the U.S. path on key security issues remains steady, amid major policy shifts in Syria, Afghanistan and its recent withdrawal from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty.

Opinion and Analysis

No Winner in a New Arms Race
New York Times – the Editorial Board2/10/2019
The NYT Editorial Board writes: “Outspending Russia on a nuclear arms race, as Mr. Trump has bragged he would do, or abandoning an arms control regime that has helped forestall nuclear war for decades, is a foolish game of chicken, with no possible winners.”

The INF Treaty Has Been Nixed. What’s Next? (Op-ed)
The Moscow Times – Dmitoy Stefanovich2/11/2019
Both sides are planning new missile systems after historic pullout from arms treaty.

Special Interest

Nuclear Winter Is Still A Hot Topic As A New Arms Race Heats Up
The Verge2/8/2019
It’s a subject worth talking about says Richard Turco, a professor emeritus at UCLA and one of the authors of the 1983 scientific paper that first proposed the idea. “Although there is a relatively low probability of nuclear winter happening, the potential consequences would be catastrophic — namely the destruction of human civilization,” Turco says in an email to The Verge.

How Scientists Actually Dismantle a Nuclear Bomb
Discover Magazine2/09/2019
Nuclear disassembly is a coordinated process, which involves politicians, scientists and engineers working together.

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