Nuclear Policy News – April 7, 2020

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Top News

Macron calls on Iran to respect nuclear obligations in call with Rohani
Radio Free Europe

Nuclear Deterrence Factsheet
Department of Defense

REPORT: Dual use in the DPRK

United States

New Prez coming this month for NNSA Kansas City Plant
Exchange Monitor4/6/20
Eric Wollerman will become president of Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies effective April 30, the manager of the Kansas City National Security Campus announced.

Nuclear deterrence factsheet
Department of Defense4/6/20
The United States and our allies face an increasingly threatening and complex strategic environment.

East Asia

N. Korea recruits IT students for “Strategic Military Command”
Daily NK4/6/20
North Korean authorities are recruiting large numbers of technology and science students for a special military unit tha oversees North Korea’s ballistic missiles, the Strategic Military Command, Daily NK has learned.

In fight over COVID-19 aid to North Korea, sanctions relief now seems inevitable
NK News4/6/20
Calls for economic pressure to continue will be difficult to maintain should the situation in the DPRK worsen.

REPORT: Dual use in the DPRK
CNSMargaret Croy
Several states have succeeded in extracting “yellowcake” uranium from phosphoric acid as part of the phosphate fertilizer production process.

Middle East

Macron calls on Iran to respect nuclear obligations in call with rohani
Radio Free Europe4/7/20
French President Emmanuel Macron has called on Iran to respect its nuclear obligations as the world focuses its attention on the coronavirus pandemic.

OPINION: Why a new nuclear deal with Iran is needed now
Atlantic CouncilPierre Goldschmidt
Throughout his election campaign, US President Donald J. Trump declared that the nuclear pact with Iran was “a disaster,” “the worst deal ever negotiated,” and that if elected president his “Number-One priority” would be to dismantle it.

Russia and Europe

Russian Navy frigate to continue test-launches of Tsirkon hypersonic missile — source
The hypersonic missile’s second test-firings are expected to be carried out from the ship in April-May, according to the source.

Multilateral Arms Control

REPORT: Verification of nuclear arms control and nuclear disarmament
PIR Center4/6/20
Verification is a key element of arms control and disarmament. Article VI of the NPT contains a commitment to end the nuclear arms race and pursue nuclear disarmament, as well as to negotiate a treaty on a general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control – in other words, a disarmament that includes reliable verification instruments.

Nuclear Science

Cold War nuclear bomb tests reveal true age of whale sharks
Science Daily4/6/20
Atomic bomb tests conducted during the Cold War have helped scientists for the first time correctly determine the age of whale sharks.

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