Nuclear Policy News – April 22, 2020

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Top News

U.S., Norway to partner on hypersonic missile propulsion systems

Iran Says It Launched a Military Satellite Into Orbit
New York Times

U.S. says ‘deeply concerned’ with reports on Turkey’s efforts to turn on Russian missiles

United States

U.S., Norway to partner on hypersonic missile propulsion systems
A joint U.S.-Norwegian effort to produce solid fuel propulsion systems for hypersonic missiles was announced by the U.S. Defense Department on Monday.

OPINION: Now isn’t the time to push for nuclear modernization
Defense NewsWilliam Hartung
If the new coronavirus pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that we need to rethink what we need to do to keep America safe.

OPINION: Congress should hit pause on the new intercontinental ballistic missile
ForbesMatt Korda
Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused daily life to grind to a halt, it has had little effect on the military-industrial complex––which, incredibly, appears to be speeding up.

East Asia

Photos capture North Korea ships’ sanctions busting in Chinese waters: U.N. report
On Oct. 10 last year, eight North Korean vessels – several carrying illicit coal shipments – were anchored in Chinese waters off the port of Ningbo-Zhoushan, according to a photo in a U.N. report published online on Friday.

Middle East

Iran says it launched a military satellite into orbit
New York Times4/22/20
The announcement by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps could not immediately be confirmed. The U.S. says such launches advance Iran’s missile program.

Ex-Mossad official: Iran nuke submarine idea cover for uranium enrichment
Jerusalem Post4/20/20
To date, Iran has violated the 2015 nuclear deal limits on uranium enrichment, but has not enriched above the 5% level.

Russia and Europe

U.S. says ‘deeply concerned’ with reports on Turkey’s efforts to turn on Russian missiles
The United States continues to object “strenuously” to Turkey’s purchase of Russian missile defense systems and is “deeply concerned” with reports that Ankara is continuing its efforts to make the weapons operational, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus told Reuters on Monday.

South Asia

OPINION: The threat of increasing stocks of Indian fissile material
Eurasia ReviewSyed Zain Jaffery
The rivalry in conventional and nuclear capability is growing in South Asia.

Outer Space

ANALYSIS: To attack or deter? The role of anti-satellite weapons
Space ReviewDwayne Day
Last week, Russia conducted another anti-satellite (ASAT) test, apparently one of a series they have been undertaking as part of what increasingly looks to be a broad-ranging ASAT program.

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