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U.S. Nuclear Policy Post-2016 Conference

Critical questions regarding the future of the nuclear enterprise – fueled by rising global threats, questions about modernization, President Obama’s Prague legacy, and a looming nuclear posture review – will need to be addressed quickly by the next administration. 


PONI 2016 Capstone Conference

The final conference of the 2015-2016 PONI Conference Series will be held on April 12 at United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM), Offutt Air Force Base. The one-day conference will feature presentations from emerging nuclear experts covering topics such as modernization, unconventional threats, nonproliferation, and culture within the nuclear enterprise along with keynote addresses from senior…


ISIS’ Hunt for WMDs: Navigating the Nuclear Underworld with C.J. Chivers

The Project on Nuclear Issues hosted a discussion with C.J. Chivers on nuclear smuggling in the Middle East. Chivers, a former marine and Pulitzer Prize-winning investigator with the New York Times, has reported from the front lines of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and more, analyzing conflicts and the weapons that fuel them. One of Chivers’ recent features, “The Doomsday Scam,” revealed how ISIS and other terrorist groups have pursued a fictional weapon-making substance known as red mercury. Chivers, who has been called “the greatest war reporter in a generation,” will share his unique insight about the possibilitiy of terrorist groups obtaining nuclear materials, where they could be bought, and how the international community should respond if a terrorist group were to acquire nuclear material, or some other weapon of mass destruction. The discussion was moderated by Rebecca Hersman, Director, Project on Nuclear Issues, and Senior Adviser, International Security Program, CSIS.


PONI 2015 Winter Conference

The third event in the 2015-2016 PONI Conference Series will be held December 9-10 at CSIS in Washington, DC. The two-day conference will feature presentations from emerging nuclear experts covering topics including U.S. nuclear policy and posture in the face of modernization and sequestration, non-state actors, nuclear security, escalation dyanmics, and perspectives on Russia and Europe….


Reliving History: A Retrospective on Trident

The Project on Nuclear Issues (PONI) hosted this exclusive panel discussion recounting the formation of the seminal UK Trident Program, featuring four former U.S. and UK national security policymakers present for its negotiation: the Honorable Frank Miller, Sir David Omand, the Honorable Walter B. Slocombe, and Sir Kevin Tebbit. Please watch below as we revisit this momentous chapter of the U.S. and UK’s nuclear partnership, from the Polaris A3 through the Trident II, and examine its implications for the two countries’ special relationship today.


PONI 2015 Fall Conference

The second event in the 2015-2016 PONI Conference Series will be held September 22-23 at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington. The two-day conference will feature panels of presentations from young nuclear experts covering topics including tracking nuclear material, nuclear security and insider threats, regional nuclear flashpoints, and new thinking on proliferation. The conference will also…