If 2018 was the year of high-profile summitry, 2019 has been the year of stalemate for diplomatic negotiations on the Korean Peninsula. The United States and North Korea were unable to come to an agreement that included proportional denuclearization and peacebuilding measures. Meanwhile, North Korea continues to produce fissile material and improve its ballistic missile capabilities in the face of continuing economic sanctions, creating a highly volatile and uncertain future for the region.

Please join USIP, in partnership with the Sejong Institute and the South Korean Ministry of Unification, for a discussion with experts and practitioners from the United States and South Korea on the challenges and prospects of denuclearization, a peace regime, and a peace economy for the Korean Peninsula—as well as featured keynote remarks from the South Korean Minister of Unification Yeon-chul Kim. Take part in the conversation on Twitter with #KGF2019.