PONI Capstone Conference

The final conference in the PONI 2018 Conference Series will be at U.S. STRATCOM on April 30th. The event will feature presentations from emerging experts and keynote address. More information on the event and speakers coming soon.

This event has already occurred.
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** Due to flooding at STRATCOM the conference will be held off-base at the Courtyard by Marriot Omaha Bellevue at Beardmore, 3730 Raynor Pkwy, Bellevue, NE 68123 on Tuesday, April 30th. **

This event is the final conference in the 2018-2019 PONI Conference Series. The conference will feature presentations from emerging nuclear experts covering topics such as nuclear policy and strategies, arms control and proliferation challenges, technology and capabilities, and deterrence.

The PONI Conference Series, is unique in its emphasis on featuring rising experts and young professionals in the nuclear field. The Conference Series draws emerging thought leaders from across the nuclear enterprise and policy community and provides them with a visible platform for sharing their new thinking on a range of nuclear issues.

We have a hotel block at the Courtyard by Marriot Omaha Bellevue at Beardmore, 3730 Raynor Pkwy, Bellevue, NE 68123. If you would like to stay at the same hotel as the PONI team you can contact the hotel for individual reservations at 402-408-5300 or click here.

All comments made at the conference are off-the-record

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Conference Agenda*

*Please note this is not final and some items are subject to change

8:30     Conference Check-in and Breakfast

9:15    Conference Welcome

     Rebecca Hersman, Director, Project on Nuclear Issues and Senior Adviser, International Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies

9:30     Panel 1: Arms control and Disarmament

      Panel Moderator: TBA

     Rethinking Arms Control: Shifting Focus from Strategic to Non-Strategic Challenges

     Bryn Woollacott (invited)

     Proliferation Revisited: The Role of Sectoral Elites in Domestic Nuclear Weapons Programs

     Kate Hewitt

     Preparing for the Unthinkable in East Asia: Evaluating Cross-National Public Opinion on the U.S. Nuclear Umbrella

     David Minchin & Stephen Herzog

    Title to be determined

     Pranay Vaddi

11:00   BREAK

11:15   Panel: Nuclear Challenges & Risks

      Panel Moderator: TBA

      Nuclear Superiority in the Cuban Missile Crisis

      Yashar Parsie

      The Impacts of Changes to US Nuclear Declaratory Policy for European Allies

             Maxwell Dowman

      ISIS: The Emergent Nuclear Threat in Southeastern Europe

      Paige Gasser

      Nonproliferation: A (Limited) Russian Interest

      Cameron Trainer

12:45   Lunch & Keynote Discussion

3:00     Panel 4: Technology, Capabilities, & Acquisitions

            Panel Moderator: TBA

     The US Sale of Trident to the UK in 1977-1982

     Suzanne Doyle

     Anti-satellite technology and US-China Nuclear Deterrence Stability

     Cameron Hunter

     Cyber Threats to Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications

     Kayla Matteucci

     Fighting in the “Sway” Zone: Russian and Chinese Thinking on Information Warfare and the Future of NC3

     Brian Radzinsky

4:30     End of Presentation Panels

5:30     Reception at Courtyard Marriot Bellevue, 3730 Raynor Parkway

6:30     Dinner & Keynote by Vice Admiral David M. Kriete, Deputy Commander of U.S. Strategic Command

8:15     End of Conference


This event is made possible by support from Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Department of Defense, Air Force Global Strike Command, and Northrop Grumman.

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