March 11-12, 2020 | Iowa State University Innovation Center, Ames, IA


Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance

March 11th and 12th |Iowa State University |Ames, Iowa

Iowa State University will be hosting the Fifth Annual Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance Conference in Ames, Iowa on March 11th and 12th.  This two-day conference will feature a USSTRATCOM-hosted tabletop exercise focused on deterrence issues, along with panel presentations and workshops sessions at the Student Innovation Center on the Iowa State University Campus. The conference will include coffee, lunch and an evening reception with keynote speakers.  Dress code for civilians is business casual and for military is the uniform of the day.  For the formal agenda, please click on the link below.


March 11th

Panel Topics:

Panel 1

  • Russia: Global Power or Global Bully?
  • The Domain Race
  • Factors of Deterrence: Government and Public

Panel 2

  • Threats to the Eastern Front
  • Enduring CWMD Challenges

Panel 3

  • Factors of Deterrence: Other Parties
  • Asia Pacific Deterrence Challenges
  • Factors of Deterrence: Incorporating Gender into Deterrence Decision-making

March 12th

Tabletop Exercise:

Exercise that highlights strategic decision making based on current events and theaters of operation.

Conference Lodging:

Conference Lodging

Conference Parking:

Conference Parking

To register for the conference, please follow the link below:

STRATCOM Conference Registration