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Nuclear Security Education Resources

The section below provides a comprehensive list of all the major publications produced by CSSS Staff since 2010 in this area. These range from academic journal articles and conference papers focused on pedagogical aspects of nuclear security training and education, to handbooks containing original case studies on insider threats and security culture, and nuclear security briefing books, which were provided to delegates ahead of the 2014 and 2016 Nuclear Security Summits. In 2014, the Centre has also compiled a specific handbook for nuclear security educators that presents a model around which to organise professional development courses and provides guidance on curriculum development. CSSS encourages interested nuclear security educators and trainers to use the material listed below to support their nuclear security development efforts.


Treaties and Regimes Overview

A series of websites from the Nuclear Threat Initiative devoted to the individual treaties and regimes that impact CBRN nonproliferation and arms control.


Free Course: The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism

William J. Perry, former U.S. Secretary of Defense, offers a massive online course through Stanford University, “The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism.” The course brings together internationally-renowned experts, scientists, political activists and scholars to address the critical, and often poorly understood, dangers of nuclear terrorism. Some of the key issues studied in the course include: Is the Read More


Deproliferation: An approach to preventing nuclear terrorism

In this article published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Etzioni argues that the disarmament arguments of Shultz, Kissinger, Perry, and Nunn are not grounded in political reality, and instead argues that the top international priority should be preventing terrorist groups from obtaining nuclear materials.


The Four Faces of Nuclear Terrorism

A report from the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, this piece examines the threat posed by substandard facility security at sites in Russia, Pakistan, and other states, as well as the potential for the use of these materials by terrorist groups.


How to Build a Nuclear Bomb and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction

Barnaby attempts to separate the truth and the misinformation surrounding nuclear weapons and both state and non-state attempts to acquire them. How to Build a Nuclear Bomb argues for counterterrorism policies designed to prevent acquisition or use of nuclear materials by a non-state group.


Map of WMD-Related Facilities

An interactive map created by the Nuclear Threat Initiative of all known WMD-related facilities around the world. The map contains full lifecycle facilities including research and development, production, storage, and deployment.


NTI Nuclear and Radiological Security Tutorial

An introduction and tutorial on nuclear and radiological security issues designed by the Nuclear Threat Initiative. The tutorial concludes with a quiz to test your knowledge on the topic.