Matthew Gentzel

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Matthew co-leads Longview’s Philanthropy’s program on nuclear weapons policy. His prior work spanned emerging technology threat and policy assessment, with a particular focus on how advancements in AI may shape the future of nuclear strategy, influence operations, and cyber attacks. He has worked as a policy researcher with OpenAI, as an analyst at the DoD Innovation Steering Group, and as a Director of Research and Analysis at the U.S. National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. Matthew holds an MA in Strategic Studies and International Economics from Johns Hopkins SAIS and a BS in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of Maryland.

Authored by Matthew Gentzel


Countering Competitive Risk Compensation: Principles for Reducing Nuclear Risk on Net

In the context of strategic competition, efforts and interventions to reduce the risk of destructive nuclear or conventional conflict can change the incentives of leaders and institutions in ways that undermine risk reduction. As risk reduction is not the only objective that leaders may pursue, direct reductions in risk can accordingly embolden more aggressive behavior…