Jared Dunnmon

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Jared Dunnmon is a current PhD student pursuing NASA-funded research in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. His work involves developing X-ray diagnostics and high-fidelity computational modeling capabilities to enable predictive design of a class of low-emission, high power density burners that would allow for widespread use of non-petroleum fuels in land-based gas turbines and aerospace engines. Jared holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Economics from Duke University as well as both an MSc. in Mathematical Modeling & Scientific Computing and MBA awarded while studying at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Jared has previously interned on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, worked as a strategic consultant for a Tanzania-based solar energy company, and published in fields as diverse as energy harvesting, transportation infrastructure, nuclear fusion, x-ray diagnostics, and foreign policy. His current research interests span the interaction of dual-use nuclear technologies with emerging cyberthreats.

Authored by Jared Dunnmon