Bethany Goldblum to Receive Corones Award

The award honors the late founder of the Krell Institute, a nonprofit organization based in Ames, Iowa, that serves the scientific and educational communities.

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“Dr. Goldblum is a wonderful choice for this award,” Krell Institute President Shelly Olsan said. “She embodies the values he held so highly, particularly her outstanding mentorship of young researchers. We’re delighted to honor her.”

Goldblum is a Department of Nuclear Engineering associate research engineer and executive director of the Nuclear Science and Security Consortium, a UC Berkeley-led collaboration of seven universities and five Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories. The consortium, established with a $25 million grant from the DOE National Nuclear Security Administration(DOE NNSA),focuses on nuclear security and nonproliferation research and on training future nuclear experts.Goldblum was instrumental in the program’s renewal in 2016.

PONI is honored to work closely with Bethany Goldblum, where she continues to provide instrumental feedback on research and mentorship to the next generation of leaders across the nuclear enterprise. We look forward to continuing to work with Bethany Goldblum in the future.

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