Nuclear Policy News – June 19, 2019

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Hill Battle Lifts Off Over Post-INF Missiles
Breaking Defense

Arms Control and Russia’s Global Strategy After the INF Treaty
Real Clear Defense

Inside the Lab Where Lockheed-Martin Develops the Next Generation of Military Technology

U.S. Nuclear Policy

Shanahan out: Acting defense secretary withdraws his confirmation bid amid family issues
Military Times6/18/2019
Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan abruptly withdrew his name from consideration to take over the permanent Pentagon leadership post on Tuesday amid questions surrounding a series of domestic violence incidents that were brought to light during his background checks.

Hill Battle Lifts Off Over Post-INF Missiles
Breaking Defense6/18/2019
This afternoon, a junior GOP congressman will challenge House leadership to restore $96 million in funding for intermediate-ranged conventional missiles, cut by the Democratic majority for fear the new weapons would reignite an arms race that ended in 1987.

Missile Defense Soldiers get back to basics during situational training exercise
U.S. Army Public Affairs6/18/2019
100th Missile Defense Brigade (Ground-based Midcourse Defense) Soldiers flexed their muscle memory in these basic tasks by participating in “Operation Burnt Cactus,” a situational training exercise, or STX, June 12-13 across Southeast Colorado to develop the skills necessary to fight and win as a team.

Middle East

U.S. sending 1,000 more troops to Middle East amid tensions with Iran
CBS News6/18/2019
The U.S. is sending 1,000 additional troops to the Middle East as tensions with Iran continue to rise after recent attacks on two oil tankers, which the U.S. says were carried out by Iranian forces.

Trump’s new moves on Iran fuel partisan divisions
Defense News6/18/2019
Republican Senators on Tuesday defended President Donald Trump’s pressure campaign against Iran after the U.S. announced 1,000 more troops would deploy to the Middle East.

International Atomic Energy Agency Recognizes Palestine As A State
The Jerusalem Post6/19/2019
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) signed an agreement to recognize Palestine as a state as it joined the international body as a observer on Tuesday. While it is not a member, the Palestinian Authority as an observer can attend meetings, an IAEA spokesperson said.


Russia: U.S. nuclear pact exit may bring back Cold War-era standoff – Ifax
Russia’s Security Council warned on Wednesday that the United States’ exit from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty could bring a return to Cold War-style confrontation between the powers, the Interfax news agency reported.

Russian lawmakers back Putin on withdrawal from nuclear arms treaty
The Hill6/18/2019
Russian lawmakers on Tuesday voted to back President Vladimir Putin’s exit from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, The Associated Press reported.


Trump has two strategies to counter nuclear threats. Neither is working.
CNNNick Paton Walsh
Iran and North Korea are wildly different versions of the same threat, and the White House has taken wildly different approaches to them.

Arms Control and Russia’s Global Strategy After the INF Treaty
Real Clear DefenseStephen Blank
On the one hand, Russian diplomats say they want to continue the NEW START TREATY, but on the other hand, these same diplomats then argue that Russia’s most threatening new weapons do not come under that Treaty. Therefore Russia can and must continue to deploy those particular weapons. In other words, Moscow wants to constrain Washington but not itself. Clearly, that is an unacceptable outcome.

Time to Re-Task, Downsize, And Re-engineer The SSN, Part 1
Center for International Maritime SecurityDuane J. Truitt
The U.S. Navy is faced with several big challenges in maintaining undersea warfare dominance – the domain of the fast attack nuclear submarine or “SSN.”

Special Interest

Inside the Lab Where Lockheed-Martin Develops the Next Generation of Military Technology
Inc.Kevin J. Ryan
Take a 360-degree look at ‘the Lighthouse,’ the futuristic facility the defense contractor uses to hone its planes, drones, and everything in between.

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