Nuclear Policy News – July 3, 2019

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UCLA Professor Stole Missile Secrets For China, Faces 219 Years In Prison

Seeing Red in Trump’s Iran Strategy
Arms Control Association

Remembering Janne
War on the Rocks

East Asia

The PLARF’s New Hainan Island Base and China’s Recent Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Tests
The DiplomatAnkit Panda
The first-known Chinese tests of an anti-ship ballistic missile into the South China Sea may have inaugurated a new PLARF base.

UCLA Professor Stole Missile Secrets For China, Faces 219 Years In Prison
A California-based electrical engineer has been found guilty of attempting to export sensitive military electronics to China and could face more than two centuries behind bars.

Japan’s Biggest Warship, Evidence of Expanding Military Role
One of Japan’s largest warships, the helicopter carrier Izumo, offers a glimpse of where its military is headed: For the first time, troops from a newly formed amphibious brigade of Japan’s army participated in an extended naval deployment.

Russia/Former Soviet Union/Europe

UPDATED: 14 Sailors Die on Secretive Russian Nuclear Submarine; Putin Calls Incident ‘Great Loss’
U.S. Naval Institute7/2/2019
A fire that broke out on a secret Russian submarine has killed 14 sailors, according to a statement from the Ministry of Defense in Moscow.

Russian Aerospace Defense Forces successfully test new anti-ballistic missile
TASS Russian News Agency7/2/2019
The test launch of the new missile was conducted at the Sary-Shagan training range in Kazakhstan.

Putin says Russia, US looking into new nuclear talks
Deutsche Welle6/29/2019
American and Russian diplomats are preparing the ground for possible nuclear disarmament talks, Russia’s Vladimir Putin has said at a G20 summit in Osaka. The two sides suspended the key INF treaty earlier this year.


Seeing Red in Trump’s Iran Strategy
Arms Control AssociationEric Brewer, Richard Nephew
The Trump administration has begun to lay the groundwork for what can be described as its first real redline for the nuclear program: that any reduction in Iran’s one-year breakout timeline, the amount of time Iran would need to produce enough enriched uranium for a bomb, is unacceptable.

How AI Will Transform Anti-Submarine Warfare
Defense OnePatrick Tucker
New Navy projects seek to capture more data about the oceans’ depths — then train computers to out-think human captains.

A nuclear war in the Persian Gulf?
Bulletin of the Atomic ScientistsKaveh L. Afrasiabi, Nader Entessar
Tensions between the United States and Iran are spiraling toward a military confrontation that carries a real possibility that the United States will use nuclear weapons.

Special Interest

Remembering Janne
War on the RocksFrancis J. Gavin
The news of Janne Nolan’s sudden passing was utterly devastating to the many who knew and loved her. Dr. Nolan was a giant in the national security world, writing pathbreaking works on nuclear strategy and diagnosing the power of bureaucracy and consensus to shape American policy. She was an amazing mentor to scores of scholars and analysts over decades. To women in the field, she was a brave trailblazer. She excelled in elite university programs, top think tanks, and policy positions, and few were better at “bridging the gap.” Janne’s Nuclear Security Working Group did extraordinary work to convene experts and policymakers from both parties to deal with the vexing questions surrounding the bomb. No one was better at bringing people of different backgrounds together, facilitating long-lasting friendships and community. Her deep knowledge, wisdom, and guidance will be deeply missed.

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