Nuclear Policy News – August 1, 2019

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NATO grapples with collapse of missile treaty
Wall Street Journal

Opinion: It’s absurd to ask China to disarm
Wall Street Journal

U.S. military experts propose sharing nuclear arms with Japan, South Korea
Voice of America

U.S. Nuclear Policy

U.S. Senate pushes Trump to safeguard last Russian nuclear arms control treaty
The Guardian8/1/19
Bipartisan Senate legislation introduced on Wednesday aims to change the administration’s course on nuclear arms control, urging Donald Trump to extend the New Start treaty with Russia or provide justification for allowing it to expire.

In a nuclear war, this plane would be America’s most lethal ‘weapon’ of all
The National Interest8/1/2019
The E-6’s basic mission is known as Take Charge and Move Out (TACAMO).

East Asia

Kim Jong-un calls North Korea’s new rocket system ‘an inescapable distress’ to enemies
New York Times7/31/19
Kim Jong-un attended the testing of a new type of large-caliber, multiple-launch, guided rocket system that could expand the North’s ability to strike South Korea and the American forces stationed there.

U.S. military experts propose sharing nuclear arms with Japan, South Korea
Voice of America7/31/19
A group of military experts is proposing that the United States share its nuclear weapons with Japan and South Korea to answer the nuclear threat from North Korea.

New U.S./Japanese missile readying for new generation of threats
Breaking Defense8/1/19
The joint venture on the SM-3 Block IIA interceptor between Raytheon and the Japanese defense industry could point the way for international defense cooperation in the future.

Multilateral Arms Control

International, technical partnership continues to flourish
Edwards Airforce Base7/31/19
Since 1996, the Air Force Technical Applications Center and the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization Preparatory Commission in Vienna have shared a long-term working relationship with the same vital goal in mind: global nuclear nonproliferation.

Pillars of nuclear arms control are teetering
Financial Times7/31/19
The INF Treaty’s collapse is set for tomorrow, likely to be followed by New START’s expiration in 2021.

NATO grapples with collapse of missile treaty
Wall Street Journal8/1/19
The imminent collapse of a U.S.-Russia missile treaty is forcing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to grapple with a Russian missile system that can target Western European cities—without getting caught in an arms race.


It’s absurd to ask China to disarm
Wall Street JournalZhou Bo
A senior colonel in China’s PLA criticizes efforts to limit Chinese arms given that Russia and the U.S. have more than 12,000 nuclear weapons between them while they have fewer than 300.

Three steps toward resolving Iran’s nuclear crisis
Bulletin of the Atomic ScientistsSeyed Hossein Mousavian
It begins by recognizing the futility of the Trump Administration’s ongoing maximum pressure campaign.

Five questions about nukes to ask at the next debate
Defense OneMatt Korda (previous PONI Nuclear Scholar)
Nuclear weapons issues have not received the attention they deserve from the presidential field, despite most citizens wanting to know where candidates stand.

Artificial intelligence meets bureaucratic politics
War on the Rocks8/1/19
AI’s future trajectory in national security is uncertain, but bureaucratic politics will continue to play an important role in shaping that trajectory.

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