The PONI Mid-Career Cadre is a select group comprised of nuclear professionals that have been in the field for 5 or more years and demonstrate particular promise for developing expertise and moving into leadership positions. Mid-career members come from technical, policy, and military backgrounds, and work for organizations including the national laboratories, think tanks, NGOs, universities, and various federal agencies. Cadre members participate for three-year terms.

PONI created the cadre to continue to engage with professionals beyond the nascent stage of their careers and to provide them with educational and developmental opportunities. Activities for the cadre include international exchanges, engagements with senior experts, multilateral dialogues, and opportunities to mentor young professionals in PONI’s other programs. Mid-career events occur on a monthly basis.

Opportunities for engagement:

International Exchanges

PONI works with international partners to organize two week-long international exchanges per year. The most recent exchange took place in France, where participants participated in dialogues with French mid-career professionals and toured the sea-borne component of the French deterrent. Previous exchanges included a tour of the U.K. nuclear deterrent, a visit to the Nevada test site, and discussions on nuclear policy at NATO HQ.

Engagements with Senior Leaders

PONI hosts private roundtables at CSIS for cadre members. Recent roundtables featured former U.S. government officials, including Secretary of Energy Ernie Moniz, and embassy representatives from Japan, South Korea, and Australia.

Multilateral Dialogues

In 2017, PONI hosted the inaugural Mid-Career International Dialogue, which brought together mid-career professionals from Japan, South Korea, the U.S, the U.K., France and Poland to discuss European and Asian security challenges. Participants also partook in a tabletop exercise on North Korean escalation and collapse.

Mentorship Opportunities

Support a young professional in our current class of Nuclear Scholars by advising on their research project.

Publishing Opportunities

PONI provides opportunities for Mid-Career Cadre members to publish blog posts and longer commentary on our website, the Nuclear Network.

PONI Events

Cadre members are invited to attend all PONI events, including the annual conference series or public events, such as the debate series. Members of the cadre are frequently invited to present their research at public events, or to serve as moderators for panels at the annual conference series.

Future activities

PONI hopes to continue to grow and expand Mid-Career programming. Potential future activities may include deep dive workshops, which would bring together a diverse group of 20-30 participants to participate in collaborative research and develop recommendations relating to one key question in the nuclear field whose solution requires innovative and interdisciplinary approaches.