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U.S. Missile Defense Programs

A regularly updated report by the Arms Control Association containing detailed analysis of current U.S. ballistic missile defenses.


U.S. Nuclear Modernization Analysis

A regularly updated report on U.S. nuclear modernization programs by the Arms Control Association. The report contains detailed cost breakdowns and analysis on each program.


Understanding Chinese Nuclear Thinking

A book from two leading Chinese nuclear scholars, “Understanding Chinese Nuclear Thinking” compiles writings from a number of prominent Chinese scholars to better explain the state’s perspective on nuclear weapons and nonproliferation.

Government Document

UNSC Resolution 1540 Fact Page

The official United Nations page on the history and policy impacts of UN Security Resolution 1540. The page contains the original Resolution 1540 document as well as a report on implementation initiatives.


Why Do States Build Nuclear Weapons? Three Models in Search of a Bomb

One of the classic works trying to explain nuclear pursuit, Sagan’s “Why Do States Build Nuclear Weapons?” attempts to outline the three reasons why a state would consider obtaining a nuclear bomb: the security model, the domestic politics model, and the norms model.