The Senior Research Associate will engage in open source data collection and analysis to assess the effectiveness of threat reduction programs as well as contribute to other on-going research programs in the DC office. This is a full-time, term-limited, staff position located in Washington, DC.


• Conduct research from internet databases and other sources to collect and analyze data that documents the status of approximately twenty nations regarding the security and security culture surrounding high security-risk nuclear, radiological, biological, and chemical materials and facilities.

• Gather, validate, and analyze data about the security culture of nuclear, radiological, biological, and chemical facilities in select countries through open-source data collection, surveys, and interviews.

• Ensure that all data collected is recorded and organized in databases that can be queried by category of metric, individual metrics, discipline, and country so that data can be retrieved for review and analysis.

• Provide expertise on metrics and evaluation to resolve complications that may arise during the data gathering process and to develop new analytical tools, as needed.

• Manage preparation of the final report aggregating and analyzing the data and providing country-by-country assessments.

• Coordinate the work of the project team in the execution of the project.

• Supervise the work of research associates and research assistants involved in the project.

• Prepare reporting materials, including graphics, prose, and briefings, that present the data and analysis on the effectiveness of nuclear, biological, and chemical US-government projects within each country and comparatively across countries, disciplines, and years.

• Conduct independent research and analysis, ranging from literature reviews to primary open source information collection and assessment on issues relevant to nonproliferation sanctions.

• Contribution to other research and outreach activities of CNS, as assigned. 

• Contribute to other open source research programs based out of the DC office, as assigned.


• M.A. with at least 2 years’ experience in international policy studies, political science, or related field is required.

• Excellent interpersonal skills to support the conduct of interviews, including cultural awareness.

• Well-honed analysis and writing skills.

• Excellent research skills.

• Strong management skills and ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

• Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and formula writing to assist in data coding and ability to use data visualization software is desirable.

• Knowledge of surveys, quantitative, and/or qualitative methodology preferred.

• General knowledge of other nonproliferation initiatives, especially nonproliferation sanctions, and nuclear, biological, and chemical arms control and nonproliferation treaties.

• Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and formula writing to assist in data coding and ability to use data.

• Ability to work on projects that include new analytical methodologies and tools, including analysis of open source data and imagery is preferred. Use of specialized imagery analysis tools and geospatial information systems (GIS) software, such as GoogleEarth, ArcGIS, ERDAS, and ENVI, is a plus. 

• Academic course work or experience in assessment tools, data collection, and qualitative and quantitative analysis.

• Knowledge of nuclear, biological, and chemical threat reduction programming activities.

• Well-developed presentation skills.

• Experience as a federal or federal contractor employee in a U.S. government agency with responsibilities for promoting nuclear, chemical, or biological security, strongly preferred.

• Experience working on or researching nonproliferation issues in non-profit organizations or in government, experience with survey methodologies, project management experience, and ability to apply statistical methods to quantitative data.

• Experience working the nonproliferation portfolio for a non-profit, non-partisan organization, preferred.