Senior Policy Analyst

Full-time, one year with possibility for extension; 6 months probation period

Salary: £30,691 – £39,306

Application closes on 29 November 2019

Interviews will be held on 5 and 6 December 2019

Submit applications (CV, cover letter and two writing samples) via email to with ‘Senior Policy Analyst’ in the subject line.

Please note that we cannot sponsor visas to work in the UK.


BASIC promotes dialogue to advance global security. We believe that international peace and security can be achieved through cooperation rather than threat. Such cooperation can be seen every day in friendships and alliances, but truly global cooperation will require a fundamental and long-term transformation of global security. In part, this necessitates a managed and system-wide transition away from a strategic reliance on nuclear deterrence towards a safer and more sustainable paradigm.

What We Do

We connect governments, policy influencers, and experts to create and implement credible proposals to build international trust, reduce the risks of nuclear conflict, and advance nuclear disarmament.

How We Work

We have a global reputation for convening distinctive and empathic dialogues that help states overcome complex strategic and political differences. Our established networks and expertise, developed since 1986, enable us to get the right people in the room and facilitate effective, meaningful exchange between siloed and often hostile political communities. We produce and commission original research on pressing peace and security issues, and regularly provide commentary in the media.

Our approach is characterised by:

  • Active listening and empathic engagement with diverse perspectives, with the aim of building bridges and cooperation.
  • Inclusive and balanced participation, recognising that demographic and cognitive diversity improves creative problem-solving.
  • Sensitive cultural awareness, based on extensive background research and consultation.
  • Holistic and multidimensional approaches to the complex adaptive ecosystem of weapons possession, informed by a systems theory approach.
  • Direct, high-level engagement and impact with officials and policymakers, backed-up by innovative and detailed policy recommendations.

Role Description

The successful candidate will become an important part of a vibrant and growing think tank team. This role offers the exceptional opportunity to deliver on a range of exciting projects in the lead-up to the Review Conference 2020 and beyond. The appointed person will be expected to be able to carry out programme delivery  and contribute to the development of new projects, from the initial idea and fundraising through to evaluation and reporting.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

  • Deliver existing project work to a high standard. This includes:
    • Organise international roundtables, workshops and other events with track 1 and 2 participants
    • Write high-quality, policy-relevant research reports, op-eds and briefings
    • Manage relationships with stakeholders and build BASIC’s network and reputation
    • Independently represent BASIC at international meetings
  • Develop new projects ab initio
    • Independently and confidently scope funding opportunities
    • Develop relationships with funders
    • Write funding bids
  • Support the running of the organisation & colleagues with a range of administrative tasks wherever required