Title:                       Research Fellow For Missile Defense and Nuclear Deterrence

Reports to:             Director, Center for National Defense

Job Summary:       Research Fellow is responsible for research, writing and communication in the missile defense and nuclear deterrence fields.  He or she must demonstrate exceptional writing, leadership, and verbal skills, and have demonstrated deep expertise in the field and an ability to work with Congress, administration officials, and international partners to influence the adoption of policy recommendations. He or she must organize and manage the foundation’s comprehensive missile defense, nuclear modernization, deterrence, and arms control research agendas. There is an expectation of career potential based on observed degree of research capability, persuasiveness, and management skill.

Job Duties:

  • Conduct expert policy analysis and scholarly research.
  • Research and write high quality papers, reports, book chapters, and commentary.
  • Conceive of and organize events and meetings.
  • Organize and lead major research programs.
  • Participate at public functions and conferences.
  • Prepare and present Congressional testimonies.
  • Participate in media and conduct media training, supervised media events.
  • Participates in the public policy community.
  • Effectively interact with Congressional members and staff.
  • Engage with foreign officials and subject matter experts.

Skill Factors:

Education:                   Doctorate or Initiation of a Doctoral Degree in related field

Experience:                 8-10 years’ experience in public policy

Communication:         Excellent, fast, and convincing writing for both research and commentary

Media:                         Proficient in radio and television media

Special Skills/Requirements:

  • Understand and support the Heritage mission and vision for America, and the department’s goals and objectives.
  • Knowledge level: Graduate level and practical experience in nuclear deterrence, missile defense and related arms control treaties

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