Title and Affiliation:

Student, School for Advanced Nuclear Deterrence Studies
B-2 Pilot, United States Air Force

PONI involvement:

2014 Nuclear Scholars’ Initiative, Next Generation Speakers’ Bureau, Mid-Career Cadre Program

How has PONI impacted your career?

My involvement with PONI has afforded me the opportunity to meet and consult with other nuclear professionals from around the world. The incredible perspective gained from these interactions has made me a more effective operator and advisor. My involvement with PONI continues to prepare me to develop and write better policy and strategy for the Department of Defense.

Describe one PONI activity you participated in?

I can’t narrow it down to just one. Everything I have done with PONI has been exceptional! After joining the Speakers’ Bureau, I was invited to speak at the Kansas City National Security Complex for 250+ employees and George Washington University to the Elliott School of International Affairs. These two experiences demonstrate how PONI offers the opportunity to engage at all levels, from graduate students to professional experts who have spent decades in the field. Both experiences were incredible and challenged me as a speaker and advocate for the enterprise. One of my favorite events so far was the Mid-Career Cadre trip to the United Kingdom. Traveling with UK PONI and the Royal United Studies Institute was fascinating, but more importantly, introduced me to several new colleagues and friends I have stayed in touch with and routinely consult.

What one piece of advice would you have for those interested in joining the nuclear field?

Jump in with both feet and start with PONI. The nuclear enterprise is incredible. Whether you are interested in policy and international relations, military strategy, or engineering, the nuclear enterprise is an evolving field with unprecedented opportunities. PONI will give you instant access to the most extensive network of nuclear experts ever available. It has never been easier to get involved in nuclear matters.

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