Title and Affiliation:

Senior Policy Director
Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

PONI involvement:

  • Mid-Career Cadre
  • CSIS Next Generation Working Group: The Future of U.S.-Russian Nuclear Reductions

How has PONI impacted your career?

PONI has provided me with the ability to engage in scholarship beyond the scope of my day to day work.  PONI has also helped to expand my network of colleagues beyond the Beltway to scientists, engineers and researchers all around the United States and beyond.

Describe one PONI activity you participated in?

I had the privilege of joining a PONI trip that allowed us to visit parts of the UK nuclear weapons infrastructure. Not only was it fascinating, I was grateful to have the opportunity to hear about how another country is dealing with their own pressing nuclear policy decisions.

What one piece of advice would you have for those interested in joining the nuclear field?

Be patient and be persistent. Progress is this field is slow, but worthwhile.

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