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North Korea in 2019: More of the same, or a historic opportunity?

Many in the U.S. are deeply skeptical of North Korea’s intentions. There is a conventional wisdom that Kim will never denuclearize, he can’t be trusted, and that the dramatic moves of the past year are simply yet another episode of North Korean manipulation and deception. Is this the case? Or, do North Korean leader Kim, South Korean Read More


Safe, Secure, Reliable Nuclear Weapons and More: Views from a Former Sandia Labs Director

Join Jill Hruby at NTI for a “behind-the-scenes” look at the United States’ three national security labs and their critical roles and responsibilities. She will describe how Sandia Labs conducts the annual assessment of the nuclear weapons stockpile and how it maintains the capabilities needed to ensure the nuclear deterrent into the future.


Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance Conference and Workshop 2019

The Fourth Annual Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance Conference and Workshop, hosted by the University of Nebraska at Omaha and supported by U.S. Strategic Command. This two-day conference will feature a USSTRATCOM hosted Table Top Exercise focused on deterrence issues, along with panel presentations and workshops sessions at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.


2019 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference

The Carnegie Endowment invites you to join over 800 experts and officials from more than forty-five countries and international organizations to debate—and explore solutions for—the most pressing challenges in nuclear deterrence, arms control, disarmament, nonproliferation, energy, and security.