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Nuclear Risks in Northeast Asia

Nowhere are nuclear dangers growing more rapidly than in Northeast Asia. Join Carnegie for a discussion of the most urgent nuclear challenges facing international actors in this increasingly tense region.


Thinking Outside the Silo: Creative Problem Solving in Deterrence and Assurance

This workshop will challenge conventional wisdom to address the changing landscape of security threats and war fighting domains. Presentations feature outside the box thinking and use new and innovative methodologies to reassess old problems and address new ones in deterring adversaries and assuring allies. Panels and presentations at the conference will center around innovative and new ways to think about old and new problems alike.


Missile Defence Conference 2018

A major highlight in the missile defence calendar, the RUSI Missile Defence Conference will contribute to the evolution of policy with a stimulating discussion of missile defence issues between senior policymakers and practitioners. It is an element of the Institute’s Martial Power Programme.