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Virtual Conference: International Security at the Nuclear Nexus

In today’s competitive security landscape, nuclear weapons cannot be examined in isolation from other strategic security challenges. Current and emerging challenges related to nuclear weapons increasingly cross-cut other domains, including cyber, space, and conventional war.


PONI 2018 Summer Conference

The first conference of the 2018-2019 PONI Conference Series will be held on July 10-11 at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico.


PONI 2018 Capstone Conference

The one-day conference will feature presentations from emerging nuclear experts covering topics such as nuclear strategies, rising threats in the East, arms control and proliferation challenges, and threats to alliances and institutions. The event will also include keynote address from VADM Charles A. “Chas” Richard, the deputy commander of USSTRATCOM, and Frank Rose, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. Conference presentations and keynote speakers are off-the-record.


“Korean Politics 2020 – Korean Security Issues and Challenges”

The GW Institute for Korean Studies & the East Asia National Resource Center Present: Korea Policy Forum “Korean Politics 2020 – Korean Security Issues and Challenges” Speakers Young-Jun Kim, Professor, Korea National Defense University Sang-hyun Lee, Senior Research Fellow, The Sejong Institute Discussant John Merrill, Former Chief of the Northeast Asia Division, State Department’s Bureau of Read More


2019 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference

The Carnegie Endowment invites you to join over 800 experts and officials from more than forty-five countries and international organizations to debate—and explore solutions for—the most pressing challenges in nuclear deterrence, arms control, disarmament, nonproliferation, energy, and security.


Global Security Forum 2017

The 2017 Global Security Forum will feature a panel on nuclear policy moderated by Rebecca Hersman, titled “Nuclear Consensus Busters: Can Bipartisan Support for Nuclear Modernization Survive Putin, Kim Jong Un, and the Next NPR?”


PONI 2017 Fall Conference

The second conference of the 2017-2018 PONI Conference Series will be held on October 11-12 at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana in partnership with Global Strike Command.


Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance Conference and Workshop 2019

The Fourth Annual Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance Conference and Workshop, hosted by the University of Nebraska at Omaha and supported by U.S. Strategic Command. This two-day conference will feature a USSTRATCOM hosted Table Top Exercise focused on deterrence issues, along with panel presentations and workshops sessions at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.


PONI 2019 Fall Conference

Join us as Kings Bay Naval Base for our Fall Conference. The conference includes presentations by emerging voices on a range of nuclear issues, keynotes, a table top exercise on emerging technology, and tours.


PONI 2018 Fall Conference

This event is the second conference in the 2018-2019 PONI Conference Series. We are thrilled to partner with the U.S. Air Force Academy to host the conference on October 10-11 at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.