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Director’s Corner: Next Generation Nuclear Network Launch

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While it has been a driving mission of PONI’s to encourage younger involvement in the field since its founding 14 years ago, we realize we have an opportunity and an obligation to rethink how we’ve done that.

Nuclear Scholars Initiative

About Nuclear Scholars Initiative The Nuclear Scholars Initiative aims to provide top graduate students and young professionals from around the country with a unique venue to interact, dialogue and gain in-depth knowledge on nuclear weapons. Benefits/Opportunities Addressing an increasingly complex array of nuclear weapons challenges in the future will require talented next generation professionals with Read More


The role that nuclear weapons play in international security has changed since the end of the Cold War, but the need to maintain the human infrastructure for supporting nuclear capabilities and dealing with the multitude of nuclear challenges remains the same. For a number of reasons, including the diminished emphasis on nuclear weapons post-Cold War, Read More

Next Generation

Charlie Goetz

Charlie, a B-2 pilot, has met with nuclear professionals from around the world through PONI.